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Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus by William Harwood

Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus

Download Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus

Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus William Harwood ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9780879757427
Page: 416
Publisher: Prometheus Books

May 1, 2009 - I think we've established that the BIBLICAL (as opposed to the later theological) myths of Jesus owe little if anything to the mythology of the Egyptian god Horus. To differ, firstly we know the Fathers name is YAHweh, YHWH, we know that the name Jesus did not exist until the last so many hundred years, we know that Satan has been behind the removal of the Saviors name as well as YAHweh from the Holy Scriptures replacing them with LORD and God. Furthermore, to suggest that God physically mated with an element of His creation is so far beyond the limits of religious tolerance as to plummet down the sheer cliff of blasphemy, chasing the mythology of the Greeks. Nov 6, 2013 - I missed the Day Of Awe,fasting, i forgot, i was sure it was september 26th? Yahweh – God's personal name given to Israel. Peter further Referring back to Isaiah 42:1, Matthew identified Jesus as the servant of the one true God Yahweh. Feb 1, 2001 - Peter, for example, said: “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified his servant Jesus” (Acts 3:13). Jul 1, 2002 - Most Trinitarians believe that the word logos refers directly to Jesus Christ, so in most versions of John logos is capitalized and translated “Word” (some versions even write “Jesus Christ” in John 1:1). Jun 20, 2007 - Ater reading Your last comment I wish to convey respect that you un abashadly confront misconceptions and adequetly convey the view point of this film through the eyes of a believer satans greatest victory was to convince man God does not exist playing Jepthah, in his prayer to yahweh for a military victory in the bloody wars of the Israelites, promises a human sacrifice to yahweh and this 'god' accepts the deal. May 13, 2014 - We have already pointed out that the Jews stole the Egyptian pantheon of gods, where YHWH 'appears' to assume (or to usurp, Ed.) the role of the first generation God, the 'unborn' and therefore Ammon, whereas Jesus can be linked to Ra, the Sun God. But then, the Egyptians had stolen According to Eastern mythology, he emerged from the Eritrean Sea and was an animal with the faculty of reason; yet he had the body of a fish. Yahweh is a mighty warrior who defeated Pharaoh at the Red Sea… is one of the basic motifs of the Bible, and can be seen from the very start of the Biblical narrative with Moses defeating the Egyptians all the way to the end of with it with the triumphant return of the divine warrior conqueror Jesus Christ. Aug 29, 2011 - In Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism, winner of the 2005 National Jewish Book Award, Howard Schwartz writes (emphasis added): 40. Jun 15, 2013 - someone else questioned why I an Arminian, would quote a Calvinist (loud sigh from me), and someone else got us sidetracked on the Hebrew names for God and Jesus. Dec 3, 2008 - Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus. 1 day ago - We know God's name by many titles in the Old Testament (many more in the NT as you can see on your bulletin cover). Although context is the final arbiter, it is almost always the case in the New Testament that when “God” refers to the Father, the definite article appears in the Greek text (this article can be seen only in the Greek text, it is never translated into English). Sep 4, 2012 - Throughout the Book of Isaiah, the prophet encourages God's people to avoid entanglements with foreigners who worship alien deities. @Lonnie: Loki is not Satan, Loki is a god from Norse mythology.

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