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Stylish Academic Writing ebook download

Stylish Academic Writing. Helen Sword

Stylish Academic Writing

ISBN: 9780674064485 | 240 pages | 6 Mb

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Stylish Academic Writing Helen Sword
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Sep 7, 2012 - I've noticed that Helen Sword's recent book, Stylish Academic Writing, seems to have caused something of a stir - as evidenced by this advert-masquerading-as-news in Times Higher Education. Mar 4, 2013 - Helen Sword: Stylish Academic Writing Harvard University Press, 2012 £16.95 ISBN: 978-0674064485 This is a guide for the willing. Aug 30, 2012 - The effort to make the phrase "stylish academic writing" not an oxymoron! And this woman is lecturing people on "stylish academic writing"! Oct 6, 2013 - Stylish Academic Writing showcases a range of scholars from the sciences, humanities, and social sciences who write with vividness and panache. Apr 16, 2013 - Stylish Academic Writing: Faculty and Graduate Workshop with. Nov 25, 2013 - Today and next week, I would like to present two books that I think make a good case for writing differently than the majority of scholars today. Helen Sword (University of Auckland, New Zealand). Nov 27, 2012 - Research shows that academic papers which have clear voice are the most cited. Aug 26, 2013 - I don't know that this question belongs here, but I'd like to know of any references out there anyone here might recommend for writers of mathematical ideas, be it a book, an article, a dissertation, an e-mail, whatever. Posted by Mad Minerva at 11:20 PM to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Jul 18, 2013 - Stylish Academic Writing (Harvard University Press, 2012) offers pithy, thoughtful, and concrete guidance on ways to improve writing about scholarly research (or anything else for that matter) so that it is engaging to others. Jun 17, 2012 - Stylish Academic Writing (Hardcover). Jul 26, 2012 - Elegant data and ideas deserve elegant expression, argues Helen Sword in this lively guide to academic writing. Feb 18, 2013 - (Among the many other titles you could add to your resources is Helen Sword's Stylish Academic Writing.) Diplomacy is key, too, as is broad-mindedness, breadth of knowledge, and humility. 8 May 2013, 11:30-12:00pm lunch, 12:00-4:00pm workshop, Pugh Hall 120.